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Bid Farewell National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, the Fote Company in Full Swing

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After the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the office and factory of Fote Company in full swing.

In workspace, the sales manager feed backing the problems that clients meet with during the process of production to engineers, so that the engineers can optimize our crusher, ore processing equipment, grinding mill and building material equipment during the design.

Electricity business department also very busy, the professional electricity business men are solving the various problems online about our equipments for people around the world. The machines of Fote Company are sale to all over the world, and the salesman of FTM are proficient in various kinds of language, there is no communication barriers.

In the factory of crusher and ore processing equipment, the vibrating screen, ball mill are in the final painting work. Vietnamese clients in early September have also been loaded with Raymond mill, the Russian clients ordered the 5000t/d cement production line is being produced, and is expected to shipments in mid-October.

Fote Company has the clearly labor division, there is a complete online and offline service personnel. Whatever the pre-sale, sale or after-sale, we all have the guarantee. After you purchase our equipment, if you need whatever which kinds of equipment, we all will provide the professional technical team to guide and install.

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